Mitigate Risk. Maximize Liquidity.
Banyan is a platform that automates contractual compliance and creates transparency throughout the loan lifecycle of infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure projects are getting smaller and cheaper, but the cost and complexity to lend to them is not.

Banyan enables lenders and borrowers to synthesize key insights, automate contractual compliance, and proactively mitigate risk with greater transparency across all counterparties. Loans on the Banyan platform are originated at a higher velocity, serviced at a lower cost, and syndicated with greater liquidity.
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Connected Data

Encode loan agreements into digitized assets connected to IOT monitoring systems, bank accounts, and other asset management applications to automate contractual compliance and continually monitor loan performance

Connected Counterparties

Create a real-time and immutable record of loan performance shared between borrower, lender, and syndication ecosystem to increase transparency and decrease risk

Connected Loan Lifecycle

Leverage transparency and automated contractual compliance across loan origination, servicing, and syndication lifecycle to continually mitigate risk and maximize liquidity



Reduce servicing costs while still maintaining strict covenant compliance of each credit.  With increased transparency of performance, direct lenders can increase their interest rate spreads by further leveraging or securitizing their loans.


Have real time visibility into loan performance, providing leading indicators into the likelihood of a potential default.  With reduced credit exposure and increased liquidity, Banks will increase their profit margin on loans.


Reduce cost of capital and improve the bankability of the project. With increased standardization and transparency of loan performance, project developers can access greater pools of capital and generate higher returns for project owners.


Available via Banyan’s SaaS Platform

Encode loan agreements into digitized assets
Track and enforce covenant compliance
Securely store, control and track updates of documents
Enforce condition precedents and manage loan closing
Compare and monitor financial and performance forecast to actuals
Automate and enforce loan waterfall and priority of payments
Track and record counterparty communication and decision making
Manage and track project expenses and inventory
Access living data room for streamlined due diligence