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Banyan Infrastructure Advisory Services partners with clients to deeply understand their business objectives. Whether you are a Green Bank, Community Development Financial Institution, or private sustainable investment fund, we provide strategic advice, best practices, and actionable frameworks to operationalize, digitize, and scale your business.

How we can help

Banyan Infrastructure’s team has subject matter expertise in project finance, structured credit, software engineering, and cybersecurity, as well as experience in executive, director, and managerial roles. The team has practiced in project finance and asset management, including planning business and strategic outcomes, originating and underwriting investments, managing portfolios, risk, capital, liquidity, treasury operations, forecasting, and reporting on all of the above to internal managers and external stakeholders.

Strategy & Planning

We can help to forecast, plan, and manage your business with:

  • Strategic Forecasts
  • Business Plans
  • Budgets

Investment Management

We can help to define roles/responsibilities, systems, processes, and practices that better your:

  • Investment Administration
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Stakeholder Reporting

Data & Technology Enablement

Improve your operations with:

  • Data Structuring & Data Management
  • Automated Reports
  • Approval Workflows

Sample Project Scopes

Strategic Business Planning & Budgeting

View your business “by the numbers” with a strategic financial model

Data Structuring

Drop your data sets off for a good scrub and be prepared to digitize your business further

Financial Reporting

Build routine financial management reports from the “ground up” (your general ledger) and see reports at the touch-of-a-button

Process & Automation Recommendations

A deep-dive into your current (or proposed) workflows to identify opportunities to increase processing time with less operational risk

Best Practices

Be the best you can be!

Ready your business for operational due diligence.

Compare your organization’s practices in select or comprehensive areas to best practices.


Our team has broad skill sets and can help with many different kinds of projects.

If you’re seeking help in another area, please contact our team to set up a discussion.

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