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Banyan Infrastructure is an all-in-one project finance software for sustainable infrastructure portfolios.

Banyan softwareSolar panel farm
Solar panel farm

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Find out how our software can help scale your operations and accelerate capital deployment into sustainable infrastructure. Overall, makes investing in sustainability more profitable.

  • Single Source of Truth - Bring all data sources from every transaction into one system. View, edit, audit, and add new information to expedite the deal process and create transparency for all stakeholders.
  • Unlock Scalability - Reduce overhead costs and scale your team through active collaboration amongst internal and external stakeholders, eliminating redundant systems and manual work and keeping transactions and loans on track with project management.
  • Increase Deal Velocity - Standardize and modularize deal components by implementing tools for deal intelligence and automated risk management to understand viability quickly.
  • Mitigate Risk and Efficiently Manage Compliance - Automate and proactively manage covenants and reporting requirements, and set thresholds and alerts to stay on track.