Green mountainous hills

We are on a mission to use modern software to accelerate the flow of capital to sustainable infrastructure projects around the world.

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Green mountainous hills

The Future of Sustainable Infrastructure

The Banyan software platform empowers global capital markets to finance necessary sustainable infrastructure projects while enriching shareholders and growing a profitable revenue stream.

Make Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure More Profitable

Banyan optimizes investment in assets of all sizes and technologies, so lenders and investors no longer have to choose between profit, people, and the planet.

Increase Deal Velocity, Unleash Investment

By increasing deal velocity and improving market liquidity, Banyan creates a profitable runway for trillions of dollars in global sustainable capital markets.

Empower and Connect the Ecosystem

With unparalleled transparency and collaborative workflows, Banyan unlocks portfolio scalability for all stakeholders in the sustainable infrastructure ecosystem.

Best-in-Class Technology and Innovation

Banyan uniquely integrates expertise in renewable energy finance, technology, and software engineering to provide users with a flexible, agile, and painless investing experience.

Deep Experience & Expertise

The nexus of fintech and sustainability.

Our founding team brings together over four decades of firsthand experience in finance, renewable energy, and enterprise software, and combines this industry insight and experience to build the first of its kind end-to-end sustainable infrastructure finance platform.

Banyan software

40+ years in software, technology, product development

10+ years in renewable energy

10+ years in infrastructure investing

10+ years in leadership, consulting, and entrepreneurship

Servicing renewable energy investors and developers to enable the seamless management of +$20 billion in assets across more than 2,500 projects

Meet the Founders

Banyan CEO Will Greene

Will Greene, CEO

A seasoned technology executive, Will brings two decades of leadership experience to Banyan. His passion for cultivating dynamic teams, nurturing healthy work cultures, and spearheading cutting-edge software products are hallmarks of his approach. Will’s professional journey began at Oracle, where he led a myriad of technical teams over more than a dozen years. Subsequently, he transitioned to entrepreneurship, integrating his broad enterprise software and fintech expertise to catalyze six successful startup exits. At Banyan, his commitment to environmental stewardship guides his vision, employing the biggest levers of technological innovation to address climate change.

Amanda Li, COO 

Amanda has over a decade of experience across sustainable infrastructure investing, management consulting in tech and finance sectors, and engineering. As COO, she leverages experience from Generate Capital and McKinsey & Co. to work across software development and client services teams to further standardize the complex deal structure and processes that surround sustainable infrastructure project finance. Amanda holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor in Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Banyan COO Amanda Li

Our Investors & Honored by

Banyan has established partnerships with prominent investors and gained global recognition as a leading platform in both climate and fintech industries.

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