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Our mission is to accelerate the deployment of sustainable infrastructure projects everywhere.

With the Banyan platform, global capital markets can meet the need for financing clean energy projects, while enriching shareholders and growing a profitable revenue stream.

Banyan is the Future
of Sustainable Infrastructure Financing.

Banyan Infrastructure is a powerful, end-to-end platform that simplifies and streamlines project financing for both lenders and borrowers. Our platform replaces traditional spreadsheets, email and pdfs with digitized workflows automated data ingestion, risk monitoring and contractual compliance for each loan.

Achieve Double Bottom Line Results

Investors and lenders no longer need to trade returns for impact – assets of all sizes and technologies are profitable

Unleash Capital Markets

Sustainable infrastructure projects of all sizes are profitable assets that are easy to finance, bundle, and securitize

Enable an Ecosystem

All counterparties and stakeholders can better engage to share insights, accelerate deal making, and collaborate on maximizing value

Leverage a Best-in-Class Project Finance Platform

Our repository of best-practice metrics, reports, and modules works across technologies and financial structures

The End-to-end Platform
for Project Finance


Digitize and onboard sustainable infrastructure investments and loans

Portfolio Management
& Servicing

Monitor leading performance indicators and proactively mitigate risk

Reporting & Covenant

Creates a single source of truth for all ongoing reporting obligations between lenders & borrowers

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