Product Release Recap : Q4 2023

At Banyan Infrastructure, we’re developing products to power the new era of project finance. We’re constantly thinking about how to improve and move the industry forward to get more capital deployed into much-needed sustainable infrastructure. Last quarter, we made several product enhancements that are innovating how our customers work, and we’re excited to share them with you today, notably our Cash Flow Waterfall and Collaboration Enhancements.

Cash Flow Waterfall 

We built Banyan Infrastructure to provide a centralized view of your project, portfolio, and fund performance data and provide actionable insights to help you better manage risk and asset performance. In 2023, we continued to build key metrics into our platform to ensure its robustness and the ability to inform decision-making.

We are excited to introduce a live Cash Flow Waterfall, which allows for easy viewing of key cash distributions and schedules at the project/deal and fund levels. The cash inflow and outflow schedules are accessible at your fingertips and allow for quick decision-making on cash management and fund planning. Core features include:

  • Visualization of Cash Inflows and Outflows: View your cash inflows and outflows on the fund and deal level by month, quarter, and year. Understand your cash position and upcoming cash requirements.
  • Proactive Capital Planning and Forecasting: Utilize capital planning tools for forecasting to make decisions on cash requirements, reserve account top-ups, capital calls, and drawdowns.
  • Visibility into Distributions: Increased visibility into fund distributions that investors will receive to enhance investor assurance.
  • Manage Performance: Track underperformance and understand what inflows and outflows contribute to underperformance at the deal and fund levels. 
  • Charts and Table Exports: Quickly export tables and visually appealing charts to share internally and externally.

Cash Flow Waterfall enhances Banyan Infrastructure’s solution for performance management, improves capital planning and forecasting, and quickly provides investor assurance on their distributions and critical metrics. Learn more about why Cash Flow Waterfall is a key metric to track in project finance here.

Collaboration Enhancements

Banyan Infrastructure utilizes software to power connectivity and collaboration throughout the entire ecosystem - this has been a fundamental part of our platform vision from day one. With that in mind, we have enhanced our collaboration tools to drive seamless engagement in several ways:

  • External User Portal: As a Banyan Infrastructure user, you can now invite your counterparties to submit their documents directly in an external user portal. This new portal streamlines any back-and-forth communication, such as submitting documentation for covenant tracking. You can also view changes, such as when something is submitted and by whom. This new workflow improves visibility into tasks and solves any issues with version control; you no longer need to search through your email or call a stakeholder to verify the correct version of a document.
  • Assigning Questionnaires to Counterparties: The deal team can request information from counterparties to assess an opportunity, and counterparties can then respond to these requests in their guest portal. Then, the deal team can leverage the collaboration tools to review submissions and request changes or additional information from counterparties. Then, finally, approving the information that was submitted by any guest user in Banyan Infrastructure. 
  • Assigning Reporting Covenants to Counterparties: The deal team can now assign reporting covenants to counterparties, giving them guest access to Banyan Infrastructure. They can then submit reports directly to the deal team. Guests can view all relevant details for reports and covenants assigned to them and will be alerted to actions and upcoming due dates per desired thresholds.
  • Enhanced Comments: We now allow for collaborative comments within the platform, so you can loop in your team members throughout the deal process and collaborate on crucial deal details in real time.
  • Advanced approvals for workflow management: Our advanced approval and task assignment workflows ensure the right people are assigned the right tasks and move the transaction forward. It also allows for better risk management when documents and data are collected on time and reviewed by the right people; addressing problems sooner and having complete visibility on risk areas.
  • Notifications and Alerts: Guests and the deal team will receive notifications as actions are completed to keep the process moving forward.

We look forward to continuing to serve our customers with enhanced collaboration tools and improved capital planning through our Cash Flow Waterfall report. We have a lot of exciting products and developments in the works that we can’t wait to share with you soon.

If you want to learn more about Banyan Infrastructure, contact us for more information.