Q2-2023 Round Up

Climate Transformed, CTVC, Factor This! Podcast, SF Climate Week and Elemental Interactive 2023 logos

Banyan Infrastructure had an exhilarating Q2-23! In this action-packed quarter, we experienced remarkable growth, engaged in exciting community events, and made contributions to several publications in the renewable energy sector. Let's dive into the highlights:

Press Releases, Publications, and News Mentions

We proudly showcased our expertise in various publications that explored the dynamic connection between technology and renewable energy development and investment.

 Amanda Li and Alyssa Spagnolo, two of our team members, collaborated with CTVC to discuss the bankability of renewable infrastructure. In this captivating piece, CTVC skillfully outlined strategies to bridge funding gaps, including increasing standardization, exploring innovative deal structures, establishing new metrics and evaluation frameworks, and introducing insurance and tax credits to reduce risk. It's a must-read for those looking for ways to bridge the investment gap!

Our exceptional Co-founder Amanda Li, had the privilege of speaking on Climate Transformed. In this piece, she discusses firsthand experiences in the renewable energy financing sector and sheds light on how technology plays a pivotal role in accelerating the deployment of sustainable infrastructure.

Energize Ventures recognized Banyan's groundbreaking contributions by including us in their esteemed list of the Top 30 Software Innovators in the #ElectrifyingEverything space. We’re proud to be featured amongst some incredible innovators who are also committed to accelerating electrification and decarbonization worldwide. To learn more about the key players, visit the link: https://lnkd.in/ghKpGhVM.

Amanda Li continued to make waves as a guest speaker on Factor This! podcast, presented by Renewable Energy World. Her valuable insights focused on the expansion of Fintech and its potential to accelerate Clean Energy Project Finance. The discussion explored the unique challenges faced by clean energy developers and financiers, with an emphasis on the role of fintech platforms in making sustainable investments more accessible and attractive. Collaboration, streamlined processes, and standardization were key themes that emerged from this engaging conversation.

Events & Speaking Engagements

We were honored to participate in several community events during Q2-23, connecting with like-minded individuals who are passionate about combating climate change. These experiences were nothing short of inspiring:

Amanda Li took the stage at Elemental Excelerator's Interactive 2023 event, where investors and portfolio companies dedicated to decarbonizing the economy gathered. Elemental Excelerator has been instrumental in supporting early-stage technology, and during the event, Amanda discussed how software solutions can secure essential funding for crucial technologies. We extend our gratitude to Elemental Excelerator for their outstanding support and eagerly anticipate further collaboration.

Banyan Infrastructure actively participated in SF Climate Week, engaging with climate champions from San Francisco and beyond. To kick off the event, we hosted a panel discussion on Confronting the Challenges of Climatetech Infrastructure Deployment. Additionally, we co-hosted a Women in Climate event with Women in Climate Finance, which saw an incredible turnout of over 200 women. Finally, Amanda Li's spoke on a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities faced by climate startups, hosted at Google Ventures.

Earth Day held a special place in our hearts as we organized an internal team gathering in collaboration with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Our team volunteered to clean up Ocean Beach, a beloved local gem in San Francisco, where our headquarters are located. Taking concrete action towards environmental improvement and giving back to our community were the driving forces behind this meaningful initiative.

With the addition of our new team members, Ileana Riveron, Rick Demaret, and Blair Bolden attended the Infocast Energy Storage Finance & Investment event in Phoenix, Arizona. This event provided an excellent platform to introduce our purpose and discuss the significance of a unified, purpose-built platform for project finance, particularly for mission-critical technologies like Energy Storage.

New Hires

We are thrilled to announce that we have added significant power to the Banyan Grid with 18 new hires joining us across various departments. We extend a warm welcome to our newest team members, who will undoubtedly add immense value to our organization:

  • Venkat Ramanuja, Engineering Manager
  • Fion Li, Sr. UI/UX Designer
  • Alexandra "Alex" Bromson, Strategic Partnerships and Sales
  • Melissa Sheehan, Sr. Software Engineer
  • Shaun Webb, Product Manager
  • Chris Burnor, Lead Engineer
  • Rick Demaret, Strategic Account Executive
  • Fione Huynh, Software Engineer
  • Ileana Riveron, Sr. Strategic Account Executive
  • Hazel Smith, Software Engineer
  • Jaden Deveza, Sr. Software Engineer
  • Monica Rao, Implementation Associate
  • Tina Watson, QA Engineer
  • William Engel, Head of Finance
  • Blair Bolden, Sr. Strategic Account Executive
  • Nikhila Khanbam, Sr. Software Engineer
  • Hatem Kerim, Implementation Associate

With these brilliant additions to our team, we are better equipped than ever to serve our expanding global customer base.

In conclusion, Q2-23 has been an action-packed period for Banyan Infrastructure. From influential publications and speaking engagements to community events and team growth, we continue to make strides in the renewable energy sector. Stay tuned for more updates!