Thank you to our Summer Interns!

Banyan Infrastructure summer interns

At Banyan Infrastructure, we’ve created a vibrant ecosystem where entrepreneurs, lenders, and borrowers come together to create a positive impact. This summer, Banyan has been overjoyed to welcome an incredible intern class of 2023, eager to learn and contribute to our mission. These interns had the opportunity to sharpen their skills across various departments, working hand in hand with our experienced team.

As the summer comes to a close, we want to highlight all of our interns' hard work and share more about their journey with  our team over the course of this last summer. Read along for a profile on each of our 11 interns and their wonderful contributions to our Planet while working here at Banyan:

Gloria Cai: Gloria majors in Managerial Economics at UC Davis. Outside of work, Gloria embraces her inner foodie and loves to find new places to eat in the city. This summer, Gloria took on the role of Business Analyst Intern. Her project at Banyan involved creating a customer walkthrough within the Banyan platform, focusing on achieving fast ROI and highlighting cost and time-saving advantages. While developing real world practical job skills, Gloria also aimed to expand her network, and find a balance between collaboration and independence on the job.

Kira Chu: a rising sophomore at Tulane University.  In her free time Kira enjoys traveling with friends and has a penchant for spicy foods. Kira is enthusiastic about honing her skills for market research, data analytics, and understanding target audience analysis from experienced professionals. As a marketing intern at Banyan, Kira gained practical experience and developed her skills in assisting marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Queena Tran: Queena, a junior,  majors in Environmental Economics at UC Berkeley. Queena is the  proud owner of a pet bunny named Sesame. In her leisure time, Queena also enjoys learning about real estate and seeking out profitable Airbnbs. During her tenure at Banyan, Queena contributed to user facing product documentation, which supports increasing adoption and helps customers better discover and understand Banyan’s products and crafted user-oriented help articles on Zendesk. She is excited to work with Banyan, where she connects with like-minded individuals who share her passion and drive.

Jessica Fan: Jessica is a Business Analyst intern at Banyan and a senior at the University of Southern California, majoring in International Relations and Economics. Jessica brings an  analytical mindset and dedication to innovative problem-solving, and combines this with a great can-do creative personality and her teammates love  to work with her. When not working, she loves learning crochet and finding inspiration from cooking shows. Jessica's passion and determination make her a valued member of the Customer Success team at Banyan, and she brings an inspiring presence to the workplace.

Tony Ponce: a rising senior at Averett University, interned at Banyan under Sales & Marketing. Outside of work, Tony enjoys outdoor activities like running (he placed 5th in the SF marathon), thrifting, vinyl collecting, and eating Mexican food. Tony's summer project was to create analytics around usage and internal operations to ultimately drive executive dashboards at Banyan. These will additionally offer project overviews and revenue tracking. During his time at Banyan, he gained Salesforce/CRM skills, insights into sales processes, and built strong industry connections.

Quentin Jones: a finance and accounting undergraduate at Averett University, originally from Pennsylvania, is an avid sprinter and passionate football fan. He enjoys working out, exploring new places, and discovering coffee shops. At Banyan, Quentin worked as a Business Analyst. This opportunity aligned perfectly with Quentin's desire to explore the fintech industry and allowed him to gain valuable insights into team dynamics, product differentiation, and common SaaS metrics. All in all it was an invaluable networking  and fun experience with his team.

Camille Le: Camille is a second-year graduate student in Georgia Tech's OMSCS program. She loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog. She contributed to a project within the engineering team, focused on AI based document translation. This internship was a great chance for her to shape her future career and make a positive impact with her passion for computer science.

Christy Ko: Christy is an ambitious junior at the University of Southern California. Majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration, Christy joined Banyan as a summer product management intern. With a project focused on researching ESG metrics and enhancing the CO2e gas coefficient modeling system, Christy immersed herself in the world of fintech and product management, and gained valuable experience at Banyan.

Megha Jain: Megha is a returning engineering intern studying Computer Science and Business at Berkeley, and helped develop a robust accounting based currency exchange system while embracing her love for technology, sustainability, and nature alongside like-minded individuals. Here at Banyan, she honed her full stack engineering skills and industry knowledge. Outside of work and school, she loves to hike, read, and track her favorite Bay Area eats.

Kayla Tran: Kayla will be an upcoming junior at Cal Poly. She is a Sanrio merchandise enthusiast and a devoted fan of Future, her favorite artist. This summer, as an engineering intern, she focused on developing a metrics engine tool documentation API that aims to streamline the internal team's comprehension of a section of the Banyan product which contains heavy mathematical and data intensive algorithms. With her dedication and expertise, Kayla was determined to create a tool that will facilitate any new hire at Banyan being able to come in and learn quickly to contribute to this advanced section of the Banyan product.

Vivian Rodriguez-Li: Vivian is a climbing enthusiast from LA. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a Mathematics degree, where she also taught a baking class and competed in intercollegiate dragon boat races. This summer, she was focused on improving the scalability and performance of Banyan's native VDR.

Thanks again for an awesome summer and all your contributions to Banyan Infrastructure. We wish you a fantastic year ahead!

-The Banyan Team