Welcome Banyan 2022 Interns!

Meadow landscape

Banyan excited to welcome Megha Jain and Olivia Heitz, and welcome back Owen Keogh as our 2022 summer interns.

Megha Jain is a computer science and business double major at UC Berekely and has joined our engineering team. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, climate, and technology, all of which she can apply here at Banyan.

Olivia Heitz joins us from the UC Berkeley Fintech Bootcamp and will be part of our product team. She comes from a renewable energy background and is excited to work at the intersection of technology, finance, and sustainability with Banyan to create the greatest climate impact she can.

Owen Keogh is a Environmental Sciences major at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and is coming back to join us after a productive 2021 summer at Banyan assisting the product team to explore additional functionality around reporting and origination.