Welcome, Colin Harris!

Colin Harris

We are excited to welcome Colin Harris to the Banyan Infrastructure family as Executive Director of Advisory Services! Colin is an environmental project finance veteran with 20+ years of work experience in finance and operations for sustainable capital providers, such as NY Green Bank and Generate Capital. He has focused his career on environmental markets, fundraising for non-profits, management, and litigation consulting experience. Colin loves what he does best, helping teams succeed in managing complex portfolios of sustainable investments by solving financial and operational problems with data-driven technology solutions and best practices. He is passionate about planning, thorough and thoughtful work products, and developing people and teams. 

We recently sat down with Colin to get to know him better. 

Please share your background and what led you to Banyan Infrastructure. 

I started my career in management consulting for large banks and investment managers, where I learned about capital markets, hedge funds, operational risk management, and energy markets. I found that I loved the energy industry and was excited about new business opportunities in renewable energy finance. 

Following two (more) years at Cornell University (B.S. '00, MBA '08), I joined J.P. Morgan’s environmental markets team to market and sell carbon and renewable energy products (sales & trading). This was when I decided to dedicate my career to environmental finance: a purposeful, forward-looking industry with exciting business opportunities, new technologies, and amazing people.  Ever since, I have helped mission-driven organizations succeed, including leading in developing the systems, processes, people, and third-party service providers to manage sustainable portfolios.  I am excited to work with Banyan Infrastructure to help bring its solutions to more capital providers to accelerate the deployment of capital into much-needed clean energy and other sustainable infrastructure investments. 

Why did you choose to work at Banyan Infrastructure? 

Banyan Infrastructure is focused on addressing the challenges I faced when developing the finance and operations solutions for capital providers. There are so many manual processes in play today that are routine and repeated that can be solved with data and technology, especially in project finance. I found that a thoughtful approach to data architecture, tech stacks, and systematic designs, can dramatically reduce the complexities of managing project finance portfolios and, give investment managers a leg-up in terms of portfolio management, financial management, and allow capital providers to deploy more capital more efficiently than ever. Banyan Infrastructure is a tremendous partner to work alongside and solve for those solutions.

Also, the Banyan Infrastructure team is an amazing group of people: they are innovative, creative, and collaborative. I love how energized this group is and look forward to giving back the same energy I receive from this team!  

What do you hope to accomplish at Banyan Infrastructure? 

I want to establish Banyan Infrastructure as the leading technology provider in sustainable finance. I plan to build a high-class advisory services arm that helps clients deploy and manage capital in the most efficient, data-driven, and technology-enabled way. 

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I am an avid bicyclist, including long tours: recently completed a six-week ride from NYC to FLA in the late spring of ‘23. Otherwise, I love to ski, cook, and travel. I live with my wife and cat: Brittany and Harlequinn (“Harley”), respectively. We love a beautiful sunset.