White Paper: How to Unlock the Full Potential of the IRA and Scale Sustainable Investment

Banyan Infrastructure IRA white paper

We are pleased to release a new white paper: “The Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of the Inflation Reduction Act: Bridging the Sustainable Investment Gap with Automation, Digitization, and Optimization.” 

With its allocation of $369 billion in capital to clean energy initiatives, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) can jumpstart the next phase of the U.S.’s low-carbon future. However, the industry needs to prepare to handle such investments at scale. Today, Sustainable infrastructure investors rely heavily on outdated tools and slow, manual processes to collect data and assess risk. These processes create complexity, limit visibility, and make transacting and maintaining deals inefficient and costly. 

This white paper discusses three key barriers and their solutions to scaling financing investment that our industry needs to overcome to meet climate targets and unlock the full potential of the IRA. These include:

  • How to digitize manual and time-consuming processes that create barriers to scalability? 
  • What are current project complexities, and how to establish an efficient investment in small to medium deals?
  • What makes tax credit requirements complex, and how to manage and track compliance?

A recent analysis by McKinsey concludes that for the world to reach net zero by 2050, annual investment in low-emissions capital stock will need to increase by $3.5 trillion.  With global investment in sustainable infrastructure at $755 billion in 2021, the capital market must scale more than 100x over the next 20 years to meet this goal.

The good news is that this goal is attainable, but the industry needs to prepare to handle such investments at scale. 

To learn more about the steps required to solve these barriers and scale investment, visit this page to download the white paper.

About Banyan Infrastructure

Banyan Infrastructure is a project finance software platform designed to simplify, accelerate, and optimize sustainable infrastructure financing across the deal life cycle. Our solution oversees and automates the complex and time-consuming processes in the origination, underwriting, and portfolio management of sustainable assets, which boosts profits per loan, increases deal velocity, and saves thousands of hours at every stage. Visit banyaninfrastructure.com or follow us on LinkedIn for more information.