White Paper

Project Finance Platform for Streamlining Renewable Energy Deals for SMBC

A case study with SMBC: Unlocking Operational Scalability and Increasing Deal Velocity with SaaS Solutions

Centered on a joint Proof of Concept with SMBC (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation), this white paper discusses how modern digital software can streamline inefficient processes, digitize and enhance data management, and create the visibility and control banks and other lenders and investors need to overcome today’s market barriers in the C&I market.

As a result of this POC, SMBC will see significant time savings across its origination processes.

With Banyan Infrastructure, SMBC’s deal duration (from NDA to credit approval and closing) will be reduced by up to 30 days, enabling more than a 40% increase in deal throughput. SMBC will also see a conservative estimate of 25% time savings per deal. 

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