White Paper

Unleashing the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

How green banks, CDFIs, and community funds can effectively manage funding and efficiently mobilize capital

The climate crisis is complex, and hope is not a strategy; much more is required than just an influx of capital. That is why the GGRF is more than just a fund—it is a comprehensive strategy to tackle several related challenges, pulling together an ecosystem of technology, banking, and advisory companies.  

The success of green banks, community funding, and the GGRF hinges on overcoming particular operational and strategic challenges. These include the need for enhanced data infrastructure to manage the performance of sustainable portfolios and create scalable operational frameworks for obligations like impact measurement and EPA reporting. 

Addressing these challenges is crucial for maximizing the GGRF's impact and ensuring that investments are efficient, equitable, and scalable.

In this report, you will learn: 

  • The breakdown of GGRF funding and the critical challenges facing recipients and sub-recipients
  • The role of green banks, CDFIs, and other local lenders
  • A list of tentative GGRF reporting requirements, which aims to help illuminate the many criteria that stakeholders must track to stay in compliance with lenders, ESG standards, and incentives
  • Last but not least, best practices around building a digital strategy for lenders and investors to create standardization and efficiency in the market

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