Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Resources

Banyan Infrastructure helps manage renewable and sustainable portfolios

The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is a rare, historic opportunity set to transform communities across America. 

We know there will be lots to prepare for over the coming weeks and months as GGRF capital starts to flow. While this program's complex and nuanced reporting requirements may seem daunting, we're here to help

We already work alongside community funds and national and regional green banks, such as NY Green Bank, Colorado Clean Energy Fund, Clean Energy Fund of Texas, Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority, and Access Plus Capital, to create project finance standardization leveraging the Banyan Infrastructure technology.

Below are resources to get you started. 

White Paper: Unleashing the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund 

The success of green banks, community funding, and the GGRF hinges on overcoming particular operational and strategic challenges. These include the need for enhanced data infrastructure to manage the performance of sustainable portfolios and create scalable operational frameworks for obligations like impact measurement and EPA reporting. 

Addressing these challenges is crucial for maximizing the GGRF's impact and ensuring that investments are efficient, equitable, and scalable. Read More 

Webinar: Maximize Capital Allocation – Get the most out of your Community Fund

Hear from industry leaders, Jessica Buendia, Vice President of Sustainability,, Tate Hill, President & CEO, Access Plus Capital, and Gwen Yamamoto Lau, Executive Director, Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority share their successful experiences in funding and launching community renewable infrastructure projects. Watch Now

Latest Product Release: Banyan Infrastructure Impact Metrics 

The EPA estimated, which many believe is underestimated, that it could cost anywhere from $1M to $15M a year in overhead costs to manage and compile the required reporting. Our goal is to save our customers valuable time on tedious reporting requirements while providing insightful visualizations to determine program health. Learn more about our first installment of impact metrics, more to come!